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Stop Anxiety

3 Ways to Stop Anxiety in 5 Minutes or Less

3 Ways to Stop Anxiety in 5 Minutes or Less

Anxiety is debilitating and it can stop you from living your best life.

Despite all its negatives, one good thing about it though is that, with some work and perseverance, it is manageable. With the right tools, techniques, and when necessary – medication, you can manage your anxiety. 

This great tool, for example, is a mind track that can help you Stop Anxiety.

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In addition to the track above, I have compiled a list of 3 ways that can help you manage your anxiety 

#1 Stand Up Straight and Take Deep Breaths

Have you ever paid attention to your posture when you are feeling anxious? 

If you have, then there is a very big chance that you’ve noticed yourself hunching over. This is your subconscious way of guarding your chest where your heart and lungs are. 

This posturing sends a signal to the brain and it can lead to a further spiral into anxiety. 

When you feel yourself starting to get anxious, stand up straight. 

Pull your shoulders back and plant your feet wide apart. Put your hands on your waist and take deep breaths, paying attention to the way each breath feels. 

If you are in a vehicle and can’t stand up, just straighten your back instead. 

Breaking the usual anxious pose can help disrupt certain signals to your brain, which in turn will stop anxiety. 

#2 The 5 – 5 – 5 Game 

When you are getting anxious or are experiencing the start of an anxiety attack. Try this game: 

  1. Look around you, name 5 things that you can see.
  2. Close your eyes, and name 5 sounds you can hear.
  3. Stop for a moment and move 5 body parts and feel their movement. 

It may sound like a silly game, but it designed to help you get out of your head and into the physical world. 

With this activity, you get to can break your current negative thought loops. It may not end your anxiety for the long term, but it can help you manage your anxiety for the moment. 

#3 Do Something Physical 

If you find yourself starting to get anxious, instead of just sitting there, letting your anxious thoughts run through your head, get up and do something. 

It can be a simple as clearing your desk or emptying the trash can. If possible, get outside and take a quick five-minute brisk walk. Get your heart pumping from exertion and not just from your anxious thoughts. 

How this works is related to the game above. It takes you out of your head and into the physical world. 

It helps interrupt the negative thought patterns that will lead you to be more anxious. 

In addition to these three, you can also help stop anxiety in its tracks by distracting yourself. Watch a funny video, for example. 

I hope that the tools above help you manage it and even lessen some of your anxiety.  Keep in mind though that even if it doesn’t work for you, you can still explore other things. 

Check out this track that has been designed specifically to help you Stop Anxiety. Click here to find out more.

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