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Dreamlife Mastery Program
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Dream Life Mastery Program – Masterclass (Main offer)
Abundance in minutes a day

Subject: Abundance in minutes a day

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Want to know the lazy persons secret to ultimate abundance?

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All you have to do is use this to reprogram your inner mind, towards an abundant life of wealth, success and happiness.

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In less than FIVE minutes from now, you’ll be able to quickly and easily build a life that you love, complete with more wealth & phenomenal success in achieving your goals…

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Do you want to live your dream life?

Subject: Do you want to live your dream life?

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This one thing will make you quest for abundance a whole lot easier

Welcome to your new wealth pathway.

that will help you design and build

a dream life you love…

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Let clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G Jones help you harness The power of your mind…

…and swing open the doors of limitless opportunity to live the life you which you are destined.

Eliminate the obstacles that until now have STOPPED you getting where you want to be and it only takes a few minutes a day.

You already have one hand on your dream life… you are only missing this tiny ingredient.

Living your dream life should not be a fruitless never-ending struggle…

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[Your Name]

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Free Self Hypnosis Audio Tracks
[Free Gift] Life-Changing Self-Hypnosis

Subject: [Free Gift] Life-Changing Self-Hypnosis Track

Hi {!firstname_fix},

My good friend, Dr. Steve G. Jones, has just released FIVE brand new self hypnosis tracks…

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Follow this link:

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Dr Steve is incredible, he has worked with CEO’s, Celebrities, Fortune 500 execs, Athletes, and achieved phenomenal results for them over the years.

Whether your wish is to have more success with money, attract abundant happiness, stop anxiety, or more, I highly recommend that you claim your free gift right away.

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Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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Winning At Life Self Hypnosis Track Opt In

Subject: Winning At Life Self Hypnosis Track Opt In

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Dr. Steve G. Jones has created a self hypnosis track called “Winning At Life” and for a short time he has made it available for you to listen to for free.

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This track is based on a lot of the work he has done with CEOs, Celebrities, Fortune 500 execs, and regular people who are trying to get ahead in life.

All you need to do is put some headphones on, press play, listen and let the track do the work.

It’s designed to upgrade your thoughts, habits and results in life.

While at the same time, removing and replacing dysfunctional thoughts, with empowering ones.

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Kind regards,

[Your Name]