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Dreamlife Mastery Program
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Money Momentum Kickstart Self Hypnosis Track
It’s Time To Build Momentum Toward Financial Success And Keep Money-Making Systems In Perpetual Motion!
Ready For More Money?

Subject: Ready For More Money?

Subject: Trick Your Mind Into Making Money

Hi {!firstname_fix},

How would you like to FIRE your boss?

Quit your day job?

Start a thriving business?

Take your earning ability and creativity to a new level?

While this might sound almost unbelievable at first…

What I'm about to show you is a scientifically proven breakthrough…

…that literally downloads the brain of a millionaire into your head...

Giving you the brain, thoughts, and WEALTH of a millionaire in just minutes a day.

Follow this link:

=> Scientifically Proven Secret to Millionaire Results [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

Dr. Steve designed this track to re-wire your Internal Financial Compass – this is the key making better decisions AND creating systems that generate passive income.

And I’m excited to tell you that he’s offering this fantastic new track audio program for 85% OFF until Sunday midnight!

=> Money Momentum Kickstart Self-Hypnosis Track (3-Day Pricing) [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

Think I'm crazy?

Guess again...

This is rock-solid neuroscience proven by the best brains in the world. 

And by the way... this method was designed for people without a lot of spare time...

So it works FAST. No need for discipline or willpower.  

Just imagine...

What it will feel like to Map Out An UNSTOPPABLE Path To Success

And having the goal-orientated mindset to carry you towards enormous wealth and success

To take CONTROL over your own life... 

A life of greater abundance awaits you... in just minutes a day.

Make sure you check out this out now

=> Watch This And Download A Millionaires Brain Into Your Head [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]


Kind regards

[Your Name]

PS: You owe it to yourself to escape the rat race and finally start living the life you 
are destined for. 

The method you're about to discover works even if you've failed at every single 
attempt to make money in your life up till now...

...and you'll see results starting the very first time you use it.

=> Scientifically Proven Secret to Millionaire Results [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

Smart Way To Create Wealth (Without Willpower)

Subject: Smart Way To Create Wealth (Without Willpower)

Hi {!firstname_fix},

What if you had a tool that made making money and achieving SUCCESS easier…

…and turned it into 'automatic experience?

How much better would your life be?

There is a tool that can help you create a simple path to wealth and financial independence … and make it almost effortless.

=> Clever way to create wealth (without willpower) [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

Subaudible Soundwave Technology is an extremely effective way to create positive change in the brain. 

…Creating new "wealth habits."   

Which helps you develop higher drive, inspiration, and laser-sharp focus…  

...and many other positive changes that can make success and attaining wealth more effortless…

Recent studies show the incredible benefits of deep meditation for improving core beliefs, systems, and habits…

But the problem is that regular meditation won't get you the desired results because…

There are only a handful of people in the world who can ACTUALLY use this technology to access the part of the brain responsible for "behavior and habits."

Fortunately, the clinical hypnosis industry recognizes Hypnotherapist to the stars Dr. Steve G Jones as one of them…   

When done correctly, it allows you to shift to a lower brainwave state (and a higher state of vibration) bypassing any resistance more quickly and easily, than regular meditation audio tracks.

When you listen to this soothing audio track created by Dr Steve...

The sound waves penetrate directly into your subconscious thoughts while you relax.

This quick and painless process takes place deep inside the brain.

On a purely subconscious level

…thus causing a stealth psychological response

That hacks into the mind using the power of suggestion

...implanting new winning beliefs that advance your life effortlessly multiplying ALL the benefits of regular meditation [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

This will profoundly change the way you experience yourself and your world…

Giving you a new meta-awareness and perspective for a life filled with enormous wealth..

Are you ready?

Don't miss this limited chance to install an empowering WEALTH belief system

=> Get access here [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

To Your Success

[Your Name]

A Life Others Fantasize About

Subject: A Life Others Fantasize About

Hi {!firstname_fix},

I highly recommend this to my students...

And I wanted you to see for yourself how simple it is to use for everyday people.

=> Reprogram your mind for wealth [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

If you want the secret to the kind of life that most people only ever fantasize about and dream about.

The kind where you make more in a month than you used to in a year...

The kind where other people are inspired by you and want to impress YOU...

Where you make your greatest dreams become a reality without resistance..

Then you must see this and start applying it now:

=> Train your brain for wealth in just minutes a day [Link this to https://dreamlifetrack.com/aff/mmk/YourIDHere/YourTracking]

Sign off

[Your Name]